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Welcome to the Mailing List “EXPOS-ATLAS”

You go to receive an email which it will be necessary for you to send back. After this confirmation,
you will become a member of the “Expos-Atlas” mailing list


Rules of “EXPOS-ATLAS” Mailing List

You can send small files attached on the mailing list. You want maybe to show your banner site, a painting or a photography of your dog. Send the file only to the person who asks you for it. Or better to give URL address where is the file (on a site).
And the users of Outlook Microsoft are asked to deactivate their file ".cvf ".

The mailing list is not the place adequate to exchange personnel messages. It is about a system of community communication. Messages have to have a subject or an interest for all, while staying in the subject of the mailing list. Messages must be written for a public distribution.

To answer a message, it is useless to resume the completeness of the one that one answers. It is enough to put for the parts of killed texts and to keep the main thing. It is indispensable to kill also texts at the foot of messages. Useless also to resume in its entirety the signatures of the authors of previous messages. All this allows to avoid weighing down messages and functioning of the server.
If you want to answer a subscriber personally, your message has to be him to send to its email address. Verify the address of destination before sending your message.

The use of mails containing of the HTML is tolerated, because it weighs down enormously the volume of messages and give problems with some softwares. It is necessary to avoid overloading messages with the lively colours and sizes of enormous texts. This HTML function can be deactivated, in particular at the Outlook Express Microsoft users.
I advise you to use rather Eudora as email software.


Not to forget to fill fields "Subject" of the message in a clear way and in direct relation with the contents of your message.
Not to write subject quite in capitals.

The elementary rules of courtesy apply completely in the mailing list.
Primary reactions are prohibited.
Comments racists, xenophobes
, fascists and offensive are forbidden.
Not to write the message, or even a part, in capitals.


The mailing list is a place of dialogue and exchanges. You can announce to it your exhibitions, vernissages and artistic events.
She excludes all the commercial propositions, small advertisements, advertisements and the others, as well as any intervention irrelevant.

If you want to send news contained in a web site which you come to discover, send to the list only a message with the complete address <http://...>, accompanied with an explaining comment about what it is.

The languages of communication of the mailing list are French and English. Courts extracted in the other languages are tolerated, accompanied if possible of a translation in French or English.

The texts which are sent to the mailing list can be reproduced only on the express condition to carry mention of the author of the text and to indicate the name and the address of the mailing list Expos-Atlas.

Subscription in the mailing list is not automatic.
I save myself the right to refuse any subscription.
The persons who will not respect this present regulation will see their subscription
in the mailing list cancelling for the most brief delays.

A spam is a not sought advertising mail.
The author of a spam on the list is automatically cancelled a subscription and been the object of a complaint with his access provider.
The subscribers who send back on the mailing list a copy of a spam having been sent on the list, or who answer this message on the list, are cancelled.
The rule for the subscribers of the list is not to answer spams, either on the list, because it is a malpractice, or against the author of the spam, because he obtains so your address and can resel it as verified address (and more expensive!).
The only person authorized to act is the moderator of the list, I it the occurence.

These rules are applicable to this list, as well as those of Art-Atlas.Net :
Terms of useArt-Atlas.Net, The International Art Directory

If you do not agree on this regulation and all its conditions, you always have the possibility of not subscribing.
If you subscribe, you take the commitment to respect this regulation and all its conditions.

Michel Kisinis

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